2. Mai 2009

Freistil Black

"Paint it Black! The biennial of European commercial illustration in book form - Freistil - reveals the breadth and the evolution of culture of illustration. Here, you will discover talents, aspects and technical finesses, not to mention the trends of a culture that develops rapidly and is distinguished by the daring to take clear, individual standpoints. Editor Raban Ruddigkeit is also showing his daring by using only black and white works for this year´s issue of Freistil. Through this pointed reduction The Black Issue, nonetheless printed in four colours and extra black plus lacquer, brings the technical quality of European illustration to light and, in the editorial section, encourages us to sound out realms beyond shades of grey..."
Words: Freistil Black, www.freistil-online.de
Two of my linocuts are included in this fantastic issue.

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