21. November 2011


This portrait reminds me of Maude F., who just recieved a letter from her husband, who is based in a foreign country. She is part of a captivating book I am currently reading.

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  1. so oder so ähnlich....


    to M.

    Deary, yearning far from you below ground in these bitter cold and desperate times of war, i´m going to tell you once more in a short but deep breath what keeps me up deep inside and what instantly makes my everyday-
    sweetheart, it´s your beautiful face, it´s your smile that cheers me up while looking upon your tiny photo, face to face to you in every waking hour, thus far, my most beloved, but yet close to you beside the clouded mirror of my bedroom when night falls.
    I´ll never forget our golden hours, your necks odour, a heady aroma, oh my!
    Together in past and future, >>make use of time, its course so soon is run<<, ones said. In good faith my sweetness!

    Yours sincerely, W.