19. Juni 2010

Tim Burton. We're not worthy

We must ADORE this man. We should all get down on the floor and beg for forgiveness because we’re just not worthy enough. Most of us are second-rate art school drop-outs, pseudo-visionaries and cultural tourists riding on the back someone else’s genius. We only want to BE like Tim Burton because he was and (debatably) is THE dark ingénue, THE nocturnal caped crusader who opened the cellar door of our excruciating suburban existence and liberated our subconscious without us having to lift one wretched finger. [...]
Words: Tiffany Tondut
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1 Kommentar:

  1. Heyy! I like the illustration! I don't hate Tim, but Alice was an absolute disappointment; with mediocre character design & voiceovers, a bad soundscape and bad acting of the lead to add to it all. sigh. I need to stop. But I like the illustration:)