16. September 2010

F*ckbook, the Film

The Social Network.
Are you a Facebook fan? Did your fingers twitch as you watched the trailer? Did you enjoy perusing 'The Social Networking' website? If so, this article might annoy you. F*ckbook, The Film is SUPERSWEET’s spoof tribute to forthcoming cinematic sausage The Social Network.

Inspired by spoof trailers and Facebook hype, we couldn’t resist having a little poke at the bandwagon with our lame parody of the film’s promotional website, plot and cast details. For those who want facts, we’ve bothered to ask some serious questions of our own, compiling a little background history with some interesting facts.

So...is The Social Network true to life or a load of fictionalised hyperbole? Why is Zuckerberg’s Facebook the apex of global attention when it wasn’t even the first networking site created? Does it even matter?
Read on to find out more: www.supersweet.org
Words: Tiffany Tondut

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